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Greyhounds Fast Results

  • AUSCranbourne 12:11

    Race 2 Rapidvite Animal Products Ht1
    Results: 1st44 Kept In Suspense 19/52nd33 Golden Gun 15/23rd11 He Shall Peter 17/24th22 First Target 17/2
  • AUSWentworth Park 12:08

    Race 1 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Ht 1
    Results: 1st88 Wise Owl 7/102nd55 Midnight Secret 21/103rd1010 Zulu Hurricane 19/14th44 Irish Luck 26/1
  • AUSBallarat 11:58

    Race 1 Tab - Early Quaddie
    Results: 1st77 Unite Bale 11/22nd1010 Nymphadora Tonks 27/103rd11 Not Loitering 17/104th55 Oshkosh Alaska 14/1
  • AUSAlbion Park 11:51

    Race 10 Manly Hotel
    Results: 1st99 Bella Lee 10/12nd55 Pants Pirate 30/13rd88 Smoke And Mirror 17/24th77 Hero Haydos 7/5
  • UKHall Green BAGS 11:48

    Results: 1st11 Hazels Jem SP2nd22 Williams Honey SP3rd44 Kingsmill Stride SP
  • AUSCranbourne 11:48

    Race 1 Mypunter com
    Results: 1st88 Red Hot Fox 17/22nd11 Acola Sweetie 16/53rd22 Boycey Road 5/14th55 Harambes Might 19/5
  • AUSWentworth Park 11:45

    Race 9 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Ht 9
    Results: 1st55 King Carmody 5/22nd22 Mithril Magic 19/13rd11 Snakey Katie 12/54th44 Magic Skyline 27/10
  • AUSCannington 11:42

    Race 1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park
    Results: 1st66 Oh Thats Cold 8/52nd55 Brindle Satinka 8/13rd77 Rock On Moe 7/14th22 Rockabilly Vegas 13/2
  • AUSRichmond 11:41

    Race 11 Sires On Ice Stakes
    Results: 1st44 Lens Pick 23/102nd22 Big Red Sun 19/103rd33 Happy Digger 21/104th88 Diamond Heist 5/1
  • AUSBallarat 11:38

    Race 9 Tab - We Love A Bet Ht1
    Results: 1st99 Kraken Bolt 10/12nd44 Its Magic 4/13rd88 Peter Yap 9/104th11 Ollie Agira 25/1
  • AUSBendigo 11:37

    Race 12 Tab com au
    Results: 1st44 Vanderville Kid 13/22nd33 Toss 16/53rd66 Minca Man 7/14th88 Bletchley 7/5
  • UKHall Green BAGS 11:34

    Results: 1st22 Onthedroopyside SP2nd33 Ballymac Faye SP3rd55 Headford Sophie SP
  • AUSAlbion Park 11:29

    Race 9 Sulzanti @ Stud
    Results: 1st33 Captains Knock 13/22nd22 Milky Chance 8/53rd66 Western Honey 4/14th88 Classic Terra 11/1
  • AUSCranbourne 11:28

    Race 9 Tab - We Love A Bet Ht3
    Results: 1st44 Minkas Destiny 13/22nd88 Big Bubbles 12/53rd55 Go Go Guru 10/14th66 Delta Bad Hand 19/5
  • AUSWentworth Park 11:25

    Race 8 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Ht 8
    Results: 1st55 Midnight Francis 13/22nd66 Take A Seat 9/103rd33 Champness Boy 40/14th22 Hubbity Bubbity 22/1
  • AUSRichmond 11:22

    Race 10 Grnsw Pathways Stakes
    Results: 1st22 Havin A Browz 1/12nd33 Global Galaxy 7/13rd77 Londonderry Lass 11/14th11 Magic Cake 11/2
  • UKHall Green BAGS 11:19

    Results: 1st22 Our Jenny SP2nd33 Bitofacrash SP3rd55 Bit Lucky SP
  • AUSBendigo 11:19

    Race 11 Mcivor Rd Veterinary Clinic
    Results: 1st55 Perfect Rider 5/12nd88 Tempus Fugit 9/23rd66 Maximum Strike 7/14th11 Zipping Ethan 9/5
  • AUSBallarat 11:18

    Race 8 Eureka Concrete
    Results: 1st33 Zipping Arnold 19/102nd88 Cloona Express 6/43rd22 Felton Bale 12/54th11 Brazen Blue 30/1
  • AUSAlbion Park 11:14

    Race 8 Fb com/brisgreys
    Results: 1st66 Mahailia 21/202nd88 Power Jet 13/13rd77 Plum Jam 22/14th11 Harry Bailey 13/5
  • AUSCranbourne 11:11

    Race 8 Murphys Straight Track Complex
    Results: 1st22 Lucky Seed 3/102nd44 Tiger Butch 10/13rd99 Wheres Dex Star 14/14th55 Quick Step 19/1
  • AUSWentworth Park 11:08

    Race 7 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Ht 7
    Results: 1st88 Watch The Wasp 19/102nd11 Devine Rite 26/13rd44 One Safe Place 4/14th1010 Zulu Hurricane 19/1533 Set To Storm 16/1
  • AUSRichmond 11:06

    Race 9 Swift Fancy @ Stud Stakes
    Results: 1st11 Hollywood 1/22nd33 Like Zeus 13/23rd44 Elle Nette Lee 19/14th88 You Got Rivered 6/1
  • UKHall Green BAGS 11:03

    Results: 1st66 Prince Of Glory SP2nd22 Ballyhi Evita SP3rd55 Fire Lane Jet SP
  • AUSBendigo 11:03

    Race 10 Triple M Bendigo 93 5
    Results: 1st66 Mate 10/12nd55 Steady Walker 11/13rd11 Blonde Yappa 11/24th88 Heartbreak Mary 4/1
  • AUSBallarat 10:58

    Race 7 Bottle-o
    Results: 1st77 Seriously Wicked 11/132nd66 Thanks Cheryl 11/53rd22 Lucky Brew 8/14th88 Tai Chi Mini 15/1
  • AUSAlbion Park 10:52

    Race 7 Sky Racing
    Results: 1st11 Wheres Tejay 9/22nd22 Nantucket Kahn 7/53rd77 Benne Fortuna 17/54th44 Toll Evasion 17/5
  • AUSBendigo 10:49

    Race 9 Puretitanium-atstud com
    Results: 1st22 Premier Ching 5/22nd11 Swift Damian 9/13rd88 Smoke Or Fire 5/14th33 Rosso 17/5
  • AUSCranbourne 10:47

    Race 7 Ram Locksmith
    Results: 1st11 Lochinvar Rox 19/52nd66 Mahaya 19/53rd22 Bound After Gold 4/14th44 All About Corey 13/2
  • AUSRichmond 10:44

    Race 8 Sth Windsor Butchery 1w Stks
    Results: 1st22 Twirler 8/12nd33 Ulanda Goldmine 19/53rd55 Summer Gun 18/14th77 Runway Rebel 17/2
  • AUSWentworth Park 10:44

    Race 6 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Ht 6
    Results: 1st33 Rusty Memories 10/12nd11 Blitzing Lass 7/23rd22 Blossom Belle 13/24th99 Zulu Hurricane 19/1588 Red Sox Ethics 6/1
  • AUSBallarat 10:38

    Race 6 Lynettes Florist
    Results: 1st66 Vista Bandit 29/102nd33 Unbackable 7/13rd11 Bluey Fields 27/104th77 Mister Campo 15/1
  • AUSAlbion Park 10:32

    Race 6 Brisgreys com
    Results: 1st33 Celebrity Babe 17/102nd88 Inner Wisdom 6/13rd22 Sportfan 18/14th11 On Tight Lines 5/2
  • AUSCranbourne 10:31

    Race 6 Berwick Family Butchers
    Results: 1st88 Flying Smooth 14/52nd22 Sly Shiraz 14/53rd99 Celtic Charm 34/14th77 Lopsided 25/1
  • AUSBendigo 10:29

    Race 8 Goldfields Catering
    Results: 1st55 Gia 17/22nd66 Gone Rusty 15/23rd33 Sharina Bomber 26/14th11 Zabimaru Bale 19/10
  • AUSWentworth Park 10:28

    Race 5 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Ht 5
    Results: 1st77 Shockwave 1/22nd66 Shayna Powers 26/13rd44 Heres Dave 11/24th55 La La Lara 26/1
  • AUSRichmond 10:24

    Race 7 Richmondgreyhounds com au Stks
    Results: 1st33 Phils Green 11/172nd66 Five Two Zero 25/13rd55 Myrniong Fatboy 20/14th44 One Last Party 9/2
  • AUSBallarat 10:18

    Race 5 Tab com au
    Results: 1st44 Myrniong Bomb 23/102nd88 Kokomo Beach 17/53rd11 Senni Richard 12/14th22 Ostis Sprite 3/1
  • AUSAlbion Park 10:17

    Race 5 Clints Caravan Warehouse
    Results: 1st22 Waikarie Noel 3/12nd99 Troubling Times 22/13rd33 Adhara Bay 21/104th66 Premier Fred 7/1
  • AUSCranbourne 10:11

    Race 5 Backmans Pet Foods (1-4 Wins) Final
    Results: 1st77 Summer Nights 23/172nd11 Our First Lady 6/13rd88 Simply Vivacious 12/14th44 Blue Reef 23/17
  • AUSRichmond 10:09

    Race 6 Penrithelectrical com au 1w Stks
    Results: 1st66 Spring Creek Max 19/52nd44 Jacks Girl 15/23rd77 Wild Twist 10/14th22 Art Of Strokes 22/1
  • AUSWentworth Park 10:08

    Race 4 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Ht 4
    Results: 1st11 Eye Dunno 19/12nd88 Cullarin Blue 15/23rd33 Sir Nalin 23/104th55 Bugatti Bender 19/5
  • AUSBendigo 10:04

    Race 7 Topcat Video Productions
    Results: 1st88 Marmasette 3/12nd66 Sofia The First 17/53rd33 Chief Brit 14/14th11 Cosmic Yap 6/1
  • AUSBallarat 09:58

    Race 4 R and J Batteries
    Results: 1st55 Meehan Dan 21/102nd33 Seabrook Indi 11/13rd88 Goldenpaw Flyer 8/14th11 Exit Strategy 16/11
  • AUSAlbion Park 09:52

    Race 4 Glen Gallon @ Stud
    Results: 1st88 Raquels Magic 8/52nd77 Cosmic Rex 6/13rd99 Troubling Times 22/14th22 Tysons Fantasy 17/5511 Rum Runner 5/2
  • AUSCranbourne 09:51

    Race 4 Top Cat Video
    Results: 1st88 Mustang Sammy 9/22nd99 Roll em Missy 45/13rd66 Lektra Boss 13/14th77 Ima Wildfire 22/1
  • AUSWentworth Park 09:48

    Race 3 Ladbrokes Magic Maiden Ht 3
    Results: 1st44 Shallay Pallay 19/12nd66 Zipping Chang 11/53rd22 Crystal Lake 66/14th33 Bad Boy Dougie 29/10
  • AUSRichmond 09:44

    Race 5 Magic Sprite @ Stud Stks
    Results: 1st88 Ziggy Buzzard 10/12nd66 Tuxedo Jack 18/13rd22 Simply Roadster 7/54th77 Ossy Suzy 13/2
  • AUSBendigo 09:41

    Race 6 Chasers Function Centre (2-3 Wins)
    Results: 1st11 Calen 18/52nd77 Lektra Peck 23/173rd66 Chinese Whisper 25/14th44 Hey Alio Fozzio 19/5
  • AUSAlbion Park 09:37

    Race 3 Garrards Horse And Hound
    Results: 1st33 Velocity Linder 5/112nd77 Kulu Dot Com 7/13rd88 Iron Monarch 13/14th11 Just Frosty 5/1
  • AUSRichmond 09:28

    Race 4 Kevin Waters Towing Stks
    Results: 1st66 Cath Attack 19/52nd55 Ricks Mate 30/13rd77 Summer Sure 8/54th11 Remas Gade 13/1
  • AUSBendigo 09:23

    Race 5 Bendigo Advertiser
    Results: 1st66 All Inn Genghis 12/12nd33 Cosmic Don 26/13rd22 Zelemar Jim 5/14th88 Midnight Marzy 1/1
  • AUSAlbion Park 09:17

    Race 2 Zillmere Sports Club
    Results: 1st88 Chances 7/102nd22 Frosty Witch 26/13rd99 Myona Morpheus 16/54th1010 Blaze Rose Hi 13/1555 Gold Liner 5/1
  • AUSRichmond 09:09

    Race 3 Globe Memorial Company Mdn Ht3
    Results: 1st11 Wongawilli Girl 4/52nd33 Disco Bolero 9/23rd66 Sir Duggie 10/14th22 Big Daz 6/1
  • AUSBendigo 09:03

    Race 4 Railway Station Hotel
    Results: 1st22 Eric Jay 7/22nd11 Kava Magic 12/53rd88 One Moore Page 11/54th33 Flaming Causeway 20/1
  • AUSAlbion Park 08:57

    Race 1 Glasshouse Greyhound Sporting Club
    Results: 1st44 Lord Sirius 5/112nd99 Myona Morpheus 16/53rd1010 Candy Cruise 26/14th88 May Road 19/1
  • AUSRichmond 08:49

    Race 2 Giavisor Australia Mdn Ht2
    Results: 1st44 Showys Ya Daddy 5/12nd22 Topper Cerrone 9/23rd33 Gemena Road 19/14th66 Hows It Burning 3/1
  • AUSBendigo 08:41

    Race 3 Nine Bendigo
    Results: 1st33 Good Boy Oscar 1/12nd99 Warming Galos 45/13rd88 Fine Wine 22/14th11 Gundal Schoppy 11/2
  • AUSThe Meadows 08:37

    Race 12 Tab com au
    Results: 1st88 Hosting 1/12nd66 Oscorp Bale 11/13rd33 Black Ember 22/14th22 Connie Bale 16/1
  • AUSRichmond 08:28

    Race 1 Ladbrokes Maiden Heat1
    Results: 1st44 Bad Boy Koby 17/52nd33 Sheez Outa Cash 11/13rd77 Master Kruz 9/54th11 Cannon Run 18/5
  • AUSBendigo 08:25

    Race 2 Spudregis com au
    Results: 1st22 Boom Flash 19/202nd33 Better Way 10/13rd99 Warming Galos 45/14th44 Lorella 16/1566 Cinnamon Cindy 9/1
  • AUSAngle Park 08:22

    Race 12 Angle Park Vet Clinic (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st66 Liquid Club 17/12nd55 Qomie Bale 8/13rd33 Dolce Ventu 22/14th99 Diana Huntress 4/5
  • AUSThe Meadows 08:14

    Race 11 Sky Racing (1-3 Wins 250+ Rank)
    Results: 1st11 Fipa Narchi 22/12nd88 Urana Vee Eight 16/53rd44 Elite Shiraz 8/14th22 Dyna Nana 19/10
  • AUSAngle Park 08:07

    Race 11 Wine Wise (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st77 Ready To Mingle 5/22nd66 Warrior Of Oz 14/13rd55 Lawbringer 12/14th11 Snatch And Grab 7/1
  • AUSBendigo 08:04

    Race 1 Southern Cross Austereo
    Results: 1st55 Crainys Wish 4/12nd88 Definitely Yes 15/23rd22 Gobbledegook 17/54th77 Jemma Diamond 18/5
  • AUSThe Meadows 07:54

    Race 10 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht4
    Results: 1st33 Must Have 7/102nd99 Scoota Flash 15/23rd11 Benlura 6/14th44 Seven Two 26/1
  • AUSAngle Park 07:47

    Race 10 Orange Box Records (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st66 Waz On Fire 17/52nd77 Hayride Heeney 10/13rd11 Dillashaw 13/54th55 Bogie Tiara 29/10
  • AUSThe Meadows 07:39

    Race 9 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht3
    Results: 1st22 Villa Jemma 14/52nd66 Arapaho Joe 7/13rd55 Hollywood Jones 3/14th11 Paranoia 13/2
  • AUSThe Meadows 07:15

    Race 8 Meadows Conference and Events Centre
    Results: 1st99 Why Not Sue 16/52nd44 Brianna Morgan 11/23rd33 King Fipa 11/54th66 Helen Baxter 17/5
  • AUSAngle Park 07:07

    Race 8 Bargain Steel Centre (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st66 Outdoorsy 23/102nd44 Phoebe Allen 17/23rd11 Keno Bale 17/54th88 Halt 17/1
  • AUSThe Meadows 06:58

    Race 7 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht2
    Results: 1st77 Avatar Jet 7/12nd33 Bumble Bee Bolto 7/13rd66 Dash Of Rose 16/54th22 Bucky Barnes 5/2
  • AUSAngle Park 06:52

    Race 7 Only At The Dogs (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st77 Alpha Castor 23/172nd11 Shes Inya Face 27/103rd33 Bekalias Girl 15/24th66 Pearl Cape 17/1
  • AUSThe Meadows 06:39

    Race 6 Hudson Pacific
    Results: 1st44 Tuffy Bale 4/12nd66 Destini Wahoo 33/13rd55 Teflon Tony 9/14th22 Pupetta Maresca 27/10
  • AUSAngle Park 06:32

    Race 6 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st55 Blitzing Jet 13/22nd44 Victa Kate 4/13rd77 Singin Hawke 15/14th33 Dani Bale 11/5
  • NZHatrick 06:25

    Race 12 Book Your Function @hatrick
    Results: 1st55 Geordie Who 1/12nd66 Cawbourne Muzza 8/13rd22 Izzy Bowen 4/14th44 Opawa Gavin 20/1
  • AUSThe Meadows 06:24

    Race 5 Rsn - Racing and Sport
    Results: 1st22 Destini Wildfire 15/22nd11 Dakini Allen 6/113rd44 Mademoiselle Sox 30/14th55 Argyle Bonnie 20/1
  • AUSAngle Park 06:12

    Race 5 Gap Racing To Retirement (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st11 West On Jorji 19/202nd77 Dyna Fame 5/13rd55 Max Destruction 7/14th44 Son Of Helga 26/1
  • NZHatrick 06:08

    Race 11 Liquorland Wanganui
    Results: 1st22 Bigtime Blackie 1/12nd88 Cawbourne Merl 14/13rd66 Jamaica Mistaica 20/14th44 Kaylah Blueblood 25/1
  • AUSThe Meadows 06:05

    Race 4 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht1
    Results: 1st44 Leprechaun Storm 8/52nd88 Audacious Poppy 9/23rd11 Become The Fuse 6/14th77 Apatchy Racer 17/1
  • AUSAngle Park 05:56

    Race 4 Grsa com au (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st11 Katies Empire 7/22nd44 Allen Robbie 11/13rd77 Chappie Bale 5/14th88 Wheres Sally 17/2
  • NZHatrick 05:52

    Race 10 Wanganui Toyota
    Results: 1st33 Cawbourne Buckle 3/12nd66 Magic Latte 1/13rd55 Kirkham Jasper 8/14th11 Opawa Gail 5/1
  • AUSThe Meadows 05:49

    Race 3 Home Of 9 Group 1s
    Results: 1st22 Boda Boda 17/52nd33 Droppin Plates 5/13rd66 Fugitive Bale 21/104th88 Greysynd Silk 12/1
  • AUSAngle Park 05:35

    Race 3 Mcqueens Tavern (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st44 Oracle Of Omaha 13/22nd33 Polished Jewel 2/13rd88 Lunar Luna 12/14th77 Lektra Connie 15/2
  • NZHatrick 05:30

    Race 9 First Security
    Results: 1st11 Butterball 5/22nd66 Homebush Ariel 4/13rd77 Too Much Sugar 10/14th55 Double Ice 9/1
  • AUSThe Meadows 05:25

    Race 2 Join The 525 Club Now
    Results: 1st66 Allen Yani 13/102nd22 Destini Riptide 9/13rd77 Mrs Pressley 12/14th99 Clovalley Arnie 25/1
  • AUSAngle Park 05:18

    Race 2 Sky Racing (n/p) Stake
    Results: 1st88 Roxxy Lynn 8/12nd77 Cashed Up 15/23rd33 Why Not Joy 15/14th66 Deetrich 11/13
  • NZHatrick 05:15

    Race 8 Palamountains Scientific Nutrition
    Results: 1st22 Takeaway 5/22nd44 Panda Ring 4/13rd55 On Da Quest 4/14th11 Lil Diva 7/2
  • AUSThe Meadows 05:10

    Race 1 Tab - Early Quaddie
    Results: 1st66 Dyna Lassie 18/52nd77 Roger Express 33/13rd33 Spring Ripper 6/14th11 Charlotte Allen 21/10
  • AUSAngle Park 05:03

    Race 1 Find Grsa On Facebook Maiden Stake
    Results: 1st22 Shakey Shadow 6/12nd77 Long Gully Loz 4/13rd88 Blessed Justice 11/14th55 Shez Not Shy 17/5
  • NZHatrick 04:56

    Race 7 Aon Cpf
    Results: 1st44 Rubbed Out 14/12nd33 Bigtime Basher 7/53rd11 Kylin 13/104th55 Cawbourne Westy 16/1
  • NZHatrick 04:39

    Race 6 Dopey Dog Laser Engraving
    Results: 1st44 Homebush Bailey 6/12nd88 Another Flag 4/13rd22 Rosie 10/14th33 Sioux Baxter 5/2
  • NZHatrick 04:21

    Race 5 Ray Huntly Memorial Final
    Results: 1st22 Bigtime Light 11/42nd11 Bigtime Lonestar 11/43rd44 Golden Pixel 6/14th55 Goldstar Holly 7/1
  • NZHatrick 04:04

    Race 4 Adept Accountants
    Results: 1st33 Graemes Pick 9/12nd44 Goldstar Bambi 20/13rd55 Mahala Bay 14/14th11 Ndora 9/4
  • NZHatrick 03:46

    Race 3 Meteor Opd
    Results: 1st88 Alamein Kinetic 2/12nd11 Ziggy Attack 10/13rd99 Waterloo Blue 14/14th1010 Foster Boy 20/1
  • NZHatrick 03:28

    Race 2 Wanganui Chronicle Final C0
    Results: 1st88 Bigtime Jane 5/22nd11 Bigtime Opal 2/53rd33 Bigtime Rapid 25/14th55 King Cormack 33/1
  • NZHatrick 03:10

    Race 1 Absolutely Electrical
    Results: 1st66 Bigtime Do It 1/12nd88 Last Man Alive 10/13rd22 Piko Piko Dawn 14/14th11 Lightning Lu 9/4
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