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Greyhounds Fast Results

  • AUSRichmond 11:58

    Race 6 Globe Memorial Riches Cons Stks
    Results: 1st44 Opal Nera 21/202nd11 Winsome Ryder 22/13rd66 Swift Ella 8/14th33 Oleary 7/5
    Non-runners: Bronze Gambler, Fox Gambler, Wild Twist (7 Ran)
  • AUSTraralgon 11:55

    Race 8 Brown Wigg Traralgon
    Results: 1st88 Coalville Tiger 23/172nd11 Empress Lu 11/23rd55 Cheerful Scout 34/14th22 Beyond Galaxia 26/1
    Non-runners: Erelda Bale, Paddles Anderson (8 Ran)
  • UKSwindon BAGS 11:51

    Results: 1st Brandy Snap (Res) 9/42nd22 Erkinas Hawk 3/13rd44 Cu Sith Ghille 5/1
    Non-runners: None (All 12 Ran)
  • AUSGeelong 11:49

    Race 6 Armour Security
    Results: 1st11 Lucks Run Out 15/132nd88 Showtime Mystery 14/13rd22 Mate Bale 11/14th77 Black Ember 26/1
    Non-runners: Hearing De Novo, Murrabit Betty (8 Ran)
  • UKKinsley BAGS 11:44

    Results: 1st55 Swift Rage 5/22nd66 Swift Scudamore 9/43rd44 Marathon Runner 7/2
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • AUSRichmond 11:38

    Race 5 Castlewoood Kitchens Stks
    Results: 1st33 Megalodon 13/102nd55 Miss Foxy Lee 12/53rd22 Kims Love 16/14th77 Starzsa Light 11/5
    Non-runners: Holly By Golly, Slick Skye (8 Ran)
  • UKSwindon BAGS 11:37

    Results: 1st44 Auzzie Biggs 7/22nd66 Tromora Buzz 7/13rd22 Blue Snipe Lady 9/4
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • AUSTraralgon 11:35

    Race 7 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht2
    Results: 1st22 Mix Off Harmony 23/172nd44 Kadalex Kid 17/23rd55 Walk Woody Walk 13/24th88 Taking Flight 21/10
    Non-runners: Explosive Sky, Theres Steamy (8 Ran)
  • UKKinsley BAGS 11:31

    Results: 1st55 Miss Sprite 5/22nd11 Two Generations 6/13rd66 Nippy Bolt 5/2
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • AUSGeelong 11:28

    Race 5 Jan Juc Concreting
    Results: 1st77 Bombora Comet 17/22nd88 Dyna Kelly 9/23rd44 Dyna Naitch 11/24th66 Meehan Barney 5/1
    Non-runners: Just Like Didda, Spyfection (8 Ran)
  • UKSwindon BAGS 11:23

    Results: 1st22 Pookies Galileo 6/42nd11 Geneva Fred 4/13rd33 Airmount Bride 4/1
    Non-runners: None (All 9 Ran)
  • AUSRichmond 11:19

    Race 4 Sky Racing 1-4 Win Final
    Results: 1st44 Aye Tee Oh 19/102nd55 Detroit Lion 34/13rd88 Tap Out Tony 9/14th11 Fire And Smoke 29/10
    Non-runners: Bar Room Brawler, Milwaukee (8 Ran)
  • UKKinsley BAGS 11:16

    Results: 1st66 Bling Bling Emer 3/12nd44 Shedan 3/13rd22 Manilla Rex 9/2
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • AUSTraralgon 11:13

    Race 6 Dishlicker Coats
    Results: 1st11 Zipping Paris 15/132nd44 Taabinga Sprite 8/13rd33 Apollos Twin 25/1
    Non-runners: Explosive Sky, Lani Bale (8 Ran)
  • AUSGeelong 11:08

    Race 4 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht4
    Results: 1st77 Lektra Miss 11/22nd66 Armageddon Now 11/23rd88 Brough 4th44 Hedwig 9/2
    Non-runners: Crackerjack Man, So Amazing (8 Ran)
  • UKSwindon BAGS 11:07

    Results: 1st22 Shake It Off 3/12nd11 Quivers Robin 4/13rd33 Angels Share 5/2
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • UKKinsley BAGS 11:00

    Results: 1st44 Old Fort Dollar 13/82nd33 Double Diner 3/13rd66 Dating Nora Jaxx 7/2
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • AUSRichmond 10:58

    Race 3 R/riches 400m Series June 30 Stks
    Results: 1st77 Good Odds Ava 13/22nd44 Shockwave 11/173rd33 Paddys Pearl 6/14th55 Enjoy The Party 13/1
    Non-runners: Brontes Choice, Dollys Lad (8 Ran)
  • AUSTraralgon 10:55

    Race 5 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht1
    Results: 1st88 Tubs Tiger 12/52nd33 Ninetymile Holly 11/23rd22 Taabinga Express 12/14th11 King Of Diamonds 14/1
    Non-runners: Dr Oliver, Explosive Sky (8 Ran)
  • UKSwindon BAGS 10:53

    Results: 1st11 Legend Of Lucy 7/22nd66 Classy Silver 5/23rd22 Glowing Bud 4/1
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • AUSGeelong 10:48

    Race 3 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht3
    Results: 1st33 Fleur Delacour 17/52nd66 Little Big Girl 30/13rd22 Miss Dangerwood 9/24th11 Kolora Davey 9/2
    Non-runners: Dollcette, Sisco Rocco (8 Ran)
  • UKKinsley BAGS 10:46

    Results: 1st44 Pennys Cercei 3/12nd33 Trapper Jodie 5/23rd22 Glenbrenton Sid 5/1
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 10:45

    Race 12 Book Your Function @ Hatrick
    Results: 1st44 Rocky Foxtrot 12/12nd22 Cawbourne Pottsy 7/13rd66 Kirkham Kylie 17/24th55 Feel The Force 15/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSRichmond 10:41

    Race 2 Globe Memorial Final
    Results: 1st11 Shining Beauty 3/52nd22 Sunny Pitubi 16/13rd88 Paua To Rush 9/24th44 Temple Gate 50/1
    Non-runners: Rambo Banner, Seismic Blast (8 Ran)
  • UKSwindon BAGS 10:38

    Results: 1st33 Tidy Up Panther 4/12nd22 Turnpike Breeze 5/13rd66 Topstar Scolari 3/1
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • AUSTraralgon 10:38

    Race 4 Topcat Video Productions
    Results: 1st33 Rogers Dreamin 21/202nd77 Rosacky Blitz 4/13rd11 Fear Fire 15/24th66 Foxzami Tyga 11/1
    Non-runners: Cosmic Shiraz, Omega Bonner (8 Ran)
  • UKKinsley BAGS 10:31

    Results: 1st22 Day Of Pay 6/42nd44 Open The Gate 7/23rd11 Pennys Supernova 5/1
    Non-runners: None (All 6 Ran)
  • AUSGeelong 10:28

    Race 2 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht2
    Results: 1st11 St Pauli 11/22nd88 Dashing Dino 10/13rd44 Tegxcellent 6/14th33 Baloney Bill 16/1
    Non-runners: Riverdale Danger, Strength To Wyn (8 Ran)
  • AUSRichmond 10:18

    Race 1 Ladbrokes Maiden Series Final
    Results: 1st11 Imagine Time 1/12nd55 Bekin Street 9/53rd88 Sideswipe Maid 9/14th33 Flying Phelps 40/1
    Non-runners: Final Impulse, Sorry Not Sorry (8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 10:16

    Race 11 Adept Accountants
    Results: 1st44 Polly Cracker 17/52nd22 Cawbourne Looks 3/13rd88 Increasing 7/14th77 Slick Star 13/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSTraralgon 10:15

    Race 3 R w and A r Inglis Electricians
    Results: 1st66 Paua Hiking 9/12nd55 Lakeview Harley 29/103rd33 Mick Mow 15/14th22 Mandela Sun 9/2
    Non-runners: Duff Bale, Pristina Lad (8 Ran)
  • AUSGeelong 10:08

    Race 1 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht1
    Results: 1st77 Go Jotto 13/52nd22 Eltora 17/53rd11 Trew Danger 18/54th33 Possibly 12/1
    Non-runners: Destini Echo, Zenstar (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 10:05

    Race 11 Sashas On Cook St Stks
    Results: 1st77 Charge 21/102nd11 Almaniac 7/23rd66 Cute Gambler 13/24th44 Our Mandalai 9/1
    Non-runners: Jetsetting Diva, Sudoku Daisy (8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 09:58

    Race 12 Bendigo Ultimate Earthmoving
    Results: 1st22 Drysdale Doll 19/102nd77 Alice Allen 18/53rd99 Iceni Outlaw 13/24th11 Bojack Kahn 17/2
    Non-runners: Hey Alio Fozzio, Sharina Bomber (8 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 09:55

    Race 10 Www ipswichgreyhounds com
    Results: 1st33 Cosmic Revenge 6/12nd22 Scars Brother 18/53rd88 Bogart Blend 13/24th11 Queen Of Show 11/5
    Non-runners: Lil Bit Sparky, Maywyns Ying (8 Ran)
  • AUSTraralgon 09:50

    Race 2 Haley Concreting
    Results: 1st66 Dargo Dasher 9/12nd1010 Early King 15/23rd22 Miss Juddy 18/54th44 Lemon Chicken 6/1
    Non-runners: Righto Mitch, Zipping Emma (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 09:49

    Race 10 Royal Hotel Casino Stks
    Results: 1st11 Air Time 6/52nd77 Shaylor Nora 15/13rd44 Bokarm Athena 17/24th22 Twinkle Box 6/1
    Non-runners: Joveanty Gee Eye (7 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 09:48

    Race 10 The Rock 95 2fm
    Results: 1st55 Spare Some Time 16/52nd11 Bigtime Jason 9/53rd22 Absinthe Minded 11/14th33 Timma Turtle 12/5
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 09:41

    Race 11 Golden City Concrete Pumping
    Results: 1st44 One Required 13/52nd66 Golden Warrior 16/53rd33 Chelsea Drogba 34/14th55 Iconic Rock 7/1
    Non-runners: Lady Beatrix, Pop Wright (8 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 09:34

    Race 9 Gentablue Pet Food
    Results: 1st22 Second Gear 3/12nd88 Mama Nature Said 21/103rd66 Mondella 15/24th55 Binalong Road 16/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSTraralgon 09:28

    Race 1 Rutters Butchery and Poultry
    Results: 1st11 Joie Eclat 6/12nd55 Motivate Her 8/53rd66 Zipping Frank 12/14th44 Black Bindi 11/2
    Non-runners: Dr Luvdisc, Mini Load (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 09:24

    Race 9 Charcoal Inn Stakes
    Results: 1st44 Fays Magic 11/52nd88 Kooringa Ayla 11/53rd11 Salyn Sal 17/54th22 Indulgence 17/2
    Non-runners: None (All 7 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 09:22

    Race 10 Tab com au (1-4 Wins) Ht5
    Results: 1st77 Ace Marlow 19/52nd22 Stoppa Bus 8/13rd44 Loris Fury 21/104th66 Ruby Rads 34/1
    Non-runners: Heroic Outlaw, Toon Town (8 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 09:17

    Race 8 Gj Walsh and Co
    Results: 1st11 Under Advice 5/42nd33 Magooley 8/53rd22 Alpha Hector 15/24th88 Ragnar Lothbrok 26/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 09:16

    Race 9 Aon Cpf
    Results: 1st11 Scooters Rose 19/102nd77 Kings Call 13/13rd22 All In Berlin 6/14th66 Its The Lovely 12/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 09:09

    Race 8 Casino R s m Beef Week Cup Fnl
    Results: 1st88 Cosmic Wants Too 9/22nd33 Terra Torra 2/13rd11 Pawlee 7/14th55 Mitcharlie Mia 5/2
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 08:57

    Race 9 Gem Bendigo (1-4 Wins) Ht4
    Results: 1st55 Jimmy Flash 19/12nd11 Sisco Sizzle 19/103rd44 Mahjong Princess 13/24th33 Texas Rising 18/1
    Non-runners: Bobbyrella, Cambos Cindy (8 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 08:54

    Race 7 Www ipswichgreyhounds com
    Results: 1st55 Hoop Dreams 7/12nd22 Maywyns Copy 19/13rd66 Spring Ellie 10/14th11 Shaylor Andre 5/2
    Non-runners: Spring Audrey, You Jane (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 08:46

    Race 7 Palmerbet Stakes
    Results: 1st44 Lil Lola Breeze 19/52nd55 Alpha Iris 7/53rd22 Pavlova Cloud 15/24th77 Skitso Gidget 25/1
    Non-runners: Charlie What, Ventriloquist (8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 08:45

    Race 8 Wanganui Toyota
    Results: 1st44 Bigtime Doug 5/42nd11 Jinja Coll 5/13rd22 Brighteyes Soul 10/14th66 Mark Be Good 17/2
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 08:38

    Race 8 Grv Vic Bred Series Final
    Results: 1st22 Cosmic Heir 11/172nd44 Dr Yanma 15/23rd66 Silky Strings 15/14th88 Dr Sherlock 13/1
    Non-runners: Golden Warrior, Ourboy Fab (8 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 08:30

    Race 6 Golden View Greyhound Complex
    Results: 1st66 Call Me Aussie 7/22nd22 Holly Knocks 5/13rd44 Samantha Benz 15/24th33 Adhara Steel 21/20
    Non-runners: Kyle The Tank, Max Be Donna (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 08:22

    Race 6 Richmond Valley Pet Supplies Stks
    Results: 1st44 Erin Choice 5/12nd55 Spanish Queen 18/53rd11 Clover Cottage 11/24th33 Warrior Rose 19/10
    Non-runners: Nine Millimetre, Tijuana Tempo (8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 08:14

    Race 7 Southern Cross Austereo
    Results: 1st55 Elusive Pearl 22/12nd44 Black Sky Riot 11/173rd77 Dark Vader 11/24th66 Lunar Shadow 15/1
    Non-runners: Apatchy Racer, Splash Da Cash (8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 08:13

    Race 7 Wanganui Chronicle
    Results: 1st11 Cawbourne Frost 11/52nd88 Youre The Best 13/53rd22 Brilliant Jayla 5/14th77 Homebush Rocky 13/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 08:10

    Race 5 Clints Caravan Warehouse
    Results: 1st88 Issue 2/52nd33 Golden Khan 11/23rd77 Myrniong Floyd 18/14th44 Say Good Day 25/1
    Non-runners: Bogie Teejay, Lite Me Up (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 08:03

    Race 5 Westlawn Finance Stakes
    Results: 1st77 Monika Bella 2/12nd55 Kingsbrae Lotte 9/13rd22 Price Rise 19/14th11 Sheza Sensation 17/5
    Non-runners: Bralyn Ice, Krabi (8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 07:55

    Race 6 Mcivor Rd Veterinary Clinic
    Results: 1st77 Are You 19/52nd22 Slick Ice 3/43rd66 Crumps Princess 14/14th55 Rickety Gate 20/1
    Non-runners: Militant Man (7 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 07:47

    Race 4 Www ipswichgreyhounds com
    Results: 1st22 Dulcafay 1/12nd33 Dude Perfect 16/53rd77 Star Rise 15/24th11 Thirty Eight 22/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 07:43

    Race 6 Leathwick A Asia Sprint
    Results: 1st1010 Winevara 22/12nd33 Ivanhov 17/23rd22 Cawbourne Matty 19/54th11 Mousey Mousey 4/5
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 07:39

    Race 4 B g a Agri-services Stakes
    Results: 1st1010 Dancing Dolly 26/12nd33 Watta Storm 17/13rd44 Dark Sprite 22/14th66 Piecost 12/1
    Non-runners: Awesome Cloud (8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 07:33

    Race 5 Bendigo Advertiser
    Results: 1st33 Pomp Fiction 14/12nd44 Miss Vane 7/23rd55 Bank Rogue 19/54th11 Cardamom 5/2
    Non-runners: Barnies Blaster, Perfect Rider (8 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 07:27

    Race 3 Greyhound-data com
    Results: 1st77 Sail Surfer 30/12nd44 White Eagle 22/13rd11 Sure Shot 12/54th33 Spring Command 6/5
    Non-runners: Orphan Annie, Topaz Tan (8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 07:17

    Race 4 Railway Station Hotel (1-4 Wins) Ht3
    Results: 1st55 Iceni Skye 16/52nd11 Kraken Aye Kay 9/23rd22 Ourboy Fab 12/54th66 Puffin Stuff 9/2
    Non-runners: Diyas, Toon Town (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 07:14

    Race 3 Mcdonalds Pharmacy Stks
    Results: 1st77 Pink Sunset 11/22nd22 Vinaka Wyce 7/13rd88 Road To Riches 19/54th66 Jimary Nemesis 16/5
    Non-runners: Sudoku Daisy, What A Gun (8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 07:13

    Race 5 Palamountains Scientific Nutrition
    Results: 1st22 Bigtime Basher 17/102nd88 Bigtime Light 10/13rd55 Cawbourne Lyns 15/24th66 Thrilling Cassie 5/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 07:07

    Race 2 Sky Racing
    Results: 1st11 Maywyn Opals 19/202nd88 Hay Miss Knocka 11/23rd77 Who Said So 15/24th66 Western Division 11/1
    Non-runners: Surfboard, Woodys Special (8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 06:58

    Race 3 Chasers Function Centre (1-4 Wins) Ht2
    Results: 1st77 Penny Worth 5/42nd22 Siennas Gem 18/13rd88 Sams General 17/24th55 Ridos Ace 5/1
    Non-runners: Emeritus, Zonahs Dream (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 06:52

    Race 2 Richmond Bakery Maiden
    Results: 1st22 Roys The King 9/102nd77 Ebonnie 18/13rd55 Loose Tabacco 13/14th44 Beer Shack 22/1
    Non-runners: Garfield Cloud (8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 06:47

    Race 12 Tab - We Love A Bet (250+rank)
    Results: 1st33 Von Costa Kahn 2/12nd11 Little Written 9/23rd99 Ego Yar 13/24th22 Secretary Bird 4/1
    Non-runners: None (All 7 Ran)
  • AUSIpswich 06:42

    Race 1 Www ipswichgreyhounds com
    Results: 1st66 Walloon Miss 9/22nd55 Frosty Black Jay 9/23rd88 Tootsweet 16/14th11 Jojo Belle 23/17
    Non-runners: Arfa Show Off, Hot (8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 06:41

    Race 4 Laser Plumbing Wanganui
    Results: 1st22 Lover 7/12nd11 Bigtime Ellie 8/13rd33 Cheap Shot Matty 19/14th44 Sedgebrook Babe 13/2
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 06:39

    Race 2 Hit 91 9 Bendigo (1-4 Wins) Ht1
    Results: 1st11 Kouta Mayhem 2/92nd88 Stellar Flash 15/23rd55 Ripsaw Ronny 22/14th1010 Cambos Cindy 33/1
    Non-runners: Full Of Charm, Iona Regis (8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 06:33

    Race 12 Unibet Lucky Last Stakes
    Results: 1st11 Hail Galo Girl 19/202nd33 Barbs Pixie 22/13rd44 Vista King 27/104th55 Vista Flash 25/1
    Non-runners: Dorado, Grace Adele (8 Ran)
  • AUSCasino 06:27

    Race 1 Madsen Meats Maiden
    Results: 1st99 Which Vision 26/12nd11 Vinaka Mateo 8/13rd88 Richie Rich 12/14th44 Scootin Putin 18/1
    Non-runners: Hack Said This (8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 06:24

    Race 11 Racing Here Sunday (250+rank)
    Results: 1st88 Sun Choice 9/22nd66 Uncool Albert 25/13rd11 Dynamite Dozer 10/14th77 Booma Mikado 10/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSBendigo 06:17

    Race 1 Goldfields Catering
    Results: 1st33 Hammer Head 27/102nd55 Greysynd Ash 11/13rd66 Iceni Crusader 20/14th22 Double Dealer 17/5
    Non-runners: Miss Adok, Platinum Rift (8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 06:16

    Race 3 Liquorland Wanganui
    Results: 1st11 Bigtime Macdaddy 4/52nd88 See Eye Aye 6/13rd77 Blackjack Man 8/14th44 Ace Bale 17/2
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 06:12

    Race 10 Strath Chicken Shop Stake
    Results: 1st44 Flash Of Hope 6/12nd88 Curly Magic 17/103rd33 Woodside Rocky 16/54th66 Saint Elite 13/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 06:07

    Race 11 Keybow At Stud Stakes
    Results: 1st88 Wild Promises 7/22nd33 Ferrari Key 19/103rd77 Wild Tifi 7/14th11 Come On George 13/2
    Non-runners: Jacks Dash, Sticky Zipper (8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 06:04

    Race 10 Silver Eagle Outfitters (250+rank)
    Results: 1st33 Still Just Under 13/22nd22 Roger Cherry 27/103rd11 Severus Grange 12/54th88 Krazy Blaze 5/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 05:56

    Race 2 First Security
    Results: 1st22 Box Of Fluffies 15/22nd11 Five Eyes 18/53rd88 Opawa Tommo 13/14th33 Bigtime Jess 13/10
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 05:53

    Race 9 Daish Irrigation And Fodder Stake
    Results: 1st66 Aitch 11/22nd88 Forlano 13/103rd77 Todd Bless 3/14th55 Spring Leesa 16/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 05:49

    Race 10 Greyhound-data com Stks
    Results: 1st99 Jack Ya Zipper 34/12nd88 Dive Bomber 17/13rd22 Shearers Ugg 6/54th55 Laces Out 7/1
    Non-runners: Ruby Rabs, Welsh Karma (8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 05:42

    Race 9 Greyhounds On Board (250+ Rank Veterans)
    Results: 1st88 Kyls Me Mate 12/52nd22 Amlin Prince 15/133rd11 My Wrecker 19/54th77 Implosion Liam 34/1
    Non-runners: None (All 7 Ran)
  • NZHatrick 05:37

    Race 1 Absolutely Electrical
    Results: 1st11 Bigtime Racer 18/52nd66 Casual Sipper 17/13rd88 Cawbourne Kaz 19/54th44 Thunder Storm 7/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 05:33

    Race 8 May Delaine Memorial (np) Stake
    Results: 1st66 Pure Presence 3/42nd99 Peregrine Strike 34/13rd11 Its No Myth 5/14th33 Scottish Thistle 11/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 05:27

    Race 9 Sires On Ice Stakes
    Results: 1st44 Ima Chevey 1/12nd55 Gattlin Sun 15/23rd22 Gypsy Flash 15/14th77 Nellysu 15/2
    Non-runners: Blazing Thunder, Vip (8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 05:17

    Race 7 Princesses Of Strath (queens) Stake
    Results: 1st88 Precious Parker 9/22nd11 Kenzi 21/103rd33 Koombooyana Song 21/104th55 Julaine 33/1
    Non-runners: None (All 7 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 05:14

    Race 8 Straights Functions and Events (250+rank)
    Results: 1st22 Splash Of Blue 8/52nd44 Vista Bandit 13/53rd33 Jacks Rainbow 19/14th55 Hide The Wallet 15/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 05:07

    Race 8 Smart Missile @ Stud Stks
    Results: 1st22 Zipping Montana 13/102nd44 Frissy Lizzie 34/13rd88 Diddy Chick 13/24th55 Wild Jimmy 16/5
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 05:02

    Race 6 Metro Doller Doors Mixed Stake
    Results: 1st55 Harry Aztec 27/102nd11 Bretts Magic 5/13rd44 No Thru Road 9/24th66 Benaud 16/5
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 04:58

    Race 7 Greyhounds On Board (250+ Rank Veterans)
    Results: 1st44 Miss Belladonna 6/172nd55 Dozer Lad 15/23rd33 King Gibbo 5/14th77 Spoil The Party 19/1
    Non-runners: None (All 7 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 04:52

    Race 7 Greyhoundproductsdirect com au 0-2 Stks
    Results: 1st77 Diddy Adora 8/12nd11 Canny Drive 6/43rd88 Victor Roy 7/14th44 Midnight Paula 5/1
    Non-runners: Big Ten Four, Shakysu (8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 04:42

    Race 6 Tab Rewards (250+rank)
    Results: 1st11 Assemble Nitro 18/52nd33 Veetee Mist 13/23rd1010 Azza 34/14th88 Maximum Strike 6/4
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 04:39

    Race 5 Steves Fat Feed Co Mixed Stake
    Results: 1st88 Matts Boy 27/102nd44 Ecclefechan 30/13rd66 Wota Chill 16/114th77 Ascension 11/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • NZAddington 04:23

    Race 12 Protexin Dash
    Results: 1st44 Bursar 22/12nd88 Dora Dufran 17/53rd22 Royal Action 10/14th11 Terra Bindi 9/2
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 04:17

    Race 5 Smith and Calder Sign Co (250+rank)
    Results: 1st11 Arashundi 29/102nd77 Arctic Blaze 12/13rd88 Princess Briana 9/24th33 Soeztoc 4/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 04:12

    Race 4 1062 Kennels Stake
    Results: 1st33 Petite Belle 11/22nd22 Belgarion 14/13rd44 Bungaloo Sunset 17/14th11 Jeannie Shiraz 11/13
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 04:09

    Race 5 Mens Shed Appreciation 0-2 Stks
    Results: 1st44 Blossom Belle 6/52nd11 Snow Much Fun 19/53rd88 Slick Magic 6/14th55 Multicam Belle 11/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • NZAddington 04:04

    Race 11 Hampden Tavern Dash
    Results: 1st22 Peaky Boy 8/12nd11 Ohoka Alex 5/13rd88 Ketchikan Blue 15/134th77 Homebush Fued 10/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 03:52

    Race 4 Like Grvictoria On Facebook (250+rank)
    Results: 1st88 Inter Sam 11/52nd44 Rapid Rock 7/13rd55 Taylas Banjo 10/14th11 Dodge Ball 13/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 03:48

    Race 3 Next Lending (sa Owned) Stake
    Results: 1st22 Yastreb 8/52nd11 Good Bye Kiss 23/103rd44 Chippies Miss 9/14th88 Better Value 17/2
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 03:44

    Race 4 Da-ice Stakes
    Results: 1st11 For No One 12/52nd33 Bundah 17/53rd55 New Direction 6/14th44 Swift Jewel 18/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 03:37

    Race 3 All 4 Paws and Claws (250+rank)
    Results: 1st55 Folding Green 11/132nd77 Parie Shiraz 19/13rd22 Alouette Josie 25/14th11 Sirius Matters 14/5
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 03:33

    Race 2 Southern Argus Open Maiden Stake
    Results: 1st22 Emily The Weapon 19/102nd11 Edie Finneran 3/13rd66 Black Wanderer 11/24th33 Epona Vale 15/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 03:25

    Race 3 Bishop Collins Maiden
    Results: 1st11 Subzero Queen 9/22nd33 Flavena 7/13rd44 Dalliance 13/54th66 Porsha Lane 13/1
    Non-runners: None (All 10 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 03:17

    Race 2 Gap Program (250+rank)
    Results: 1st66 Boston You Essay 14/52nd88 Myrtle Grange 19/53rd22 Pergamon 17/54th77 Jack Cherry 19/5
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSStrathalbyn 03:13

    Race 1 Metro Roller Doors Open Maiden Stake
    Results: 1st22 Miss Audrey 3/12nd11 Konfuzzled 4/13rd33 Moorbel Drive 19/104th66 Blood Brother 3/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 03:09

    Race 2 Unibet Gardens Maiden
    Results: 1st66 Glama Jewel 26/12nd33 Megs Marvel 9/53rd55 Pipe Of Peace 13/14th22 Out Cry 9/2
    Non-runners: None (All 9 Ran)
  • AUSHealesville 02:57

    Race 1 Tab com au (250+rank)
    Results: 1st44 Fifty Dollar 19/102nd88 Gammys Choice 6/13rd11 Nitro Heroine 8/14th77 Rhiannon Royale 18/1
    Non-runners: None (All 8 Ran)
  • AUSThe Gardens 02:47

    Race 1 Welcome To Unibet Gardens Stks
    Results: 1st33 Viva Opal 29/102nd55 Carlukal 14/13rd22 Sew She Can 15/14th88 Izzy Power 14/5
    Non-runners: None (All 10 Ran)
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