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Horse Racing Fast Results

  • UKWolverhampton 21:15

    Betway Sprint Handicap (Div 2)
    Results: 1st6 Tasaaboq 5/22nd3 Pick Of Any 9/4F3rd5 Little Belter 12/1
    Winning Trainer: P S McEntee
    Winning Jockey: Josephine Gordon
    Straight Forecast: £8.63
    Tricast: £52.95
  • UKWolverhampton 20:45

    Betway Sprint Handicap (Div 1)
    Results: 1st5 Bogsnog 11/12nd7 Mr Chuckles 10/33rd2 Socialites Red 10/1
    Winning Trainer: Mrs R Carr
    Winning Jockey: J P Sullivan
    Straight Forecast: £48.48
    Tricast: £383.48
  • UKWolverhampton 20:15

    Betway Dash Handicap
    Results: 1st1 Foxy Forever 9/12nd3 Excellent George 5/2F3rd7 Van Gerwen 20/1
    Winning Trainer: M Wigham
    Winning Jockey: Connor Beasley
    Straight Forecast: £33.34
    Tricast: £460.21
  • UKWolverhampton 19:45

    Betway Handicap
    Results: 1st2 Mr Globetrotter 9/22nd6 Authors Dream 2/1F3rd8 Ryan The Giant 9/2
    Winning Trainer: I Jardine
    Winning Jockey: Clifford Lee
    Straight Forecast: £14.37
    Tricast: £43.57
  • UKWolverhampton 19:15 Fillies' Handicap
    Results: 1st5 Toboggans Fire 8/12nd7 Auntie Barber 9/4F
    Winning Trainer: Mrs A Duffield
    Winning Jockey: Joey Haynes
    Straight Forecast: £26.16
  • UKWolverhampton 18:45

    32Red Casino Handicap
    Results: 1st6 Jack Blane 13/22nd11 Tink 33/13rd1 Luduamf 9/2
    Winning Trainer: D Kubler
    Winning Jockey: George Downing
    Straight Forecast: £203.45
    Tricast: £1068.85
  • UKWolverhampton 18:15 Download The App Maiden Stakes
    Results: 1st2 Jupiter Light 11/4
    Winning Trainer: J H M Gosden
    Winning Jockey: Robert Tart
    Straight Forecast: £4.22
  • UKWolverhampton 17:45 Handicap
    Results: 1st6 Call Out Loud 11/4F2nd5 Custard The Dragon 7/23rd4 Gramercy 33/1
    Winning Trainer: M Appleby
    Winning Jockey: Alistair Rawlinson
    Straight Forecast: £12.17
    Tricast: £263.15
  • IREThurles 17:40

    Littleton (Pro/Am) Flat Race
    Results: 1st10 Coldamour 6/12nd3 Discorama 8/13rd1 Contented 25/1
    Winning Trainer: Peter Fahey
    Winning Jockey: Ms K Walsh
    Straight Forecast: €52.45
  • UKKelso 17:35

    Ferguson Planning & Development Open Hunters' Chase
    Results: 1st5 Miss Biscotti 14/1
    Winning Trainer: Gary Rutherford
    Winning Jockey: Miss E Todd
    Straight Forecast: £13.77
  • UKLingfield 17:30

    Betway Handicap
    Results: 1st4 Synodic 10/32nd7 Duck A Lorange 3/1F3rd3 Attain 7/1
    Winning Trainer: S Durack
    Winning Jockey: J Fanning
    Straight Forecast: £13.38
    Tricast: £64.67
  • UKNewbury 17:20

    Doom Bar Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st3 Imperial Presence 10/32nd2 Doitforthevillage 3/1JF
    Winning Trainer: P J Hobbs
    Winning Jockey: R Johnson
    Straight Forecast: £13.13
  • UKStratford 17:15

    Bet With Course Bookmakers Maiden Hurdle
    Results: 1st5 Cornish Warrior 2/12nd2 Alpha Indi 10/1
    Winning Trainer: N P Mulholland
    Winning Jockey: S Corby
    Straight Forecast: £18.85
  • UKBangor 17:10

    Silverburn Finance Mares' Maiden Open NH Flat Race
    Results: 1st7 Seelateralligator 10/32nd6 Monar Rose 9/13rd1 Biscuit 9/4F
    Winning Trainer: D Skelton
    Winning Jockey: Harry Skelton
    Straight Forecast: £29.07
  • IREThurles 17:05

    Jimmy Neville Memorial Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st9 The Conker Club 16/12nd10 Stonehall Jack 16/13rd1 Samanntom 9/1
    Winning Trainer: W Harney
    Winning Jockey: P E Corbett
    Straight Forecast: €245.87
    Tricast: €2456.36
  • UKKelso 17:00

    Kelso Early Bird Handicap Hurdle
    Results: 1st5 Rhymers Stone 7/2JF2nd3 Un Guet Apens 4/13rd7 Rivabodiva 6/1
    Winning Trainer: Mrs H O Graham
    Winning Jockey: Callum Bewley
    Straight Forecast: £18.08
    Tricast: £79.72
  • UKLingfield 16:55

    32Red Handicap
    Results: 1st2 Snoozy Sioux 33/12nd1 Billys Boots 10/13rd3 Gnaad 4/5F
    Winning Trainer: Martin Smith
    Winning Jockey: Noel Garbutt
    Straight Forecast: £327.81
    Tricast: £592.10
  • UKNewbury 16:45

    Goffs UK Spring Sales Bumper (Standard Open NH Flat Race)
    Results: 1st12 Bullionaire 11/22nd5 Midnight Stroll 12/13rd7 Silver Kayf 8/1
    Winning Trainer: H Fry
    Winning Jockey: N D Fehily
    Straight Forecast: £66.83
  • UKStratford 16:40

    Sonja Goucher Special Birthday Celebration Novices' Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st5 Gustav 5/12nd4 Whos De Baby 9/2
    Winning Trainer: Miss Z C Davison
    Winning Jockey: T E Whelan
    Straight Forecast: £26.58
    Tricast: £67.60
  • UKBangor 16:35

    Broxton Gates Handicap Hurdle
    Results: 1st4 Duel At Dawn 5/12nd3 Sam Red 6/13rd9 Wicked Willy 7/1
    Winning Trainer: A M Hales
    Winning Jockey: Kielan Woods
    Straight Forecast: £35.16
    Tricast: £210.02
  • IREThurles 16:30

    Devil's Bit Beginners Chase
    Results: 1st2 Dicosimo 6/4F2nd4 Inis Meain 16/13rd1 Art Of Payroll 11/4
    Winning Trainer: W P Mullins
    Winning Jockey: R Walsh
    Straight Forecast: €26.73
  • UKKelso 16:25

    Ashleybank Investments Reg & Betty Tweedie Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st5 Forest Des Aigles 11/8F2nd2 Nine Altars 7/2
    Winning Trainer: Miss Lucinda V Russell
    Winning Jockey: J Reveley
    Straight Forecast: £18.08
    Tricast: £79.72
  • UKLingfield 16:20

    Betway Dash Handicap
    Results: 1st1 Kimberella 11/22nd4 Bowson Fred 3/1
    Winning Trainer: R A Fahey
    Winning Jockey: P Hanagan
    Straight Forecast: £22.30
  • UKNewbury 16:10

    John Haine Memorial Novices' Hurdle
    Results: 1st2 Sir Antony Browne 8/11F2nd6 Most Celebrated 9/4
    Winning Trainer: A King
    Winning Jockey: Wayne Hutchinson
    Straight Forecast: £2.72
  • UKStratford 16:05

    Get Value On Course At Stratford Handicap Hurdle
    Results: 1st1 Like The Sound 4/12nd2 Renes Girl 7/2
    Winning Trainer: C J Mann
    Winning Jockey: T Dowling
    Straight Forecast: £17.81
    Tricast: £32.84
  • UKBangor 16:00

    John Coy Birthday Celebrations Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st1 Midnight Jade 2/1JF2nd5 Cruising Bye 10/1
    Winning Trainer: J Groucott
    Winning Jockey: Lee Edwards
    Straight Forecast: £19.20
    Tricast: £36.70
  • IREThurles 15:55

    Pierce Molony Memorial Novice Chase (Listed)
    Results: 1st4 Great Field 4/11F2nd5 Hurricane Ben 20/1
    Winning Trainer: W P Mullins
    Winning Jockey: J S McGarvey
    Straight Forecast: €9.05
  • UKKelso 15:50

    Mike Hope Of Wooler Ltd Chase (Novices' Limited Handicap)
    Results: 1st3 Ascot De Bruyere 11/4
    Winning Trainer: J Ewart
    Winning Jockey: B P Harding
    Straight Forecast: £6.66
  • UKLingfield 15:45

    Betway Stayers Handicap
    Results: 1st5 Royal Marskell 8/12nd2 Manjaam 15/8F
    Winning Trainer: Miss Gay Kelleway
    Winning Jockey: David Egan
    Straight Forecast: £23.67
  • UKNewbury 15:35

    OCSL Juvenile Handicap Hurdle
    Results: 1st10 Deauville Crystal 9/12nd4 Timoteo 14/13rd2 Don Bersy 2/1F
    Winning Trainer: N J Hawke
    Winning Jockey: Sean Bowen
    Straight Forecast: £119.13
    Tricast: £349.35
  • UKStratford 15:30

    Booth Family Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st1 Alberobello 7/12nd2 Renard 11/4
    Winning Trainer: Nicky Martin
    Winning Jockey: Matt Griffiths
    Straight Forecast: £26.02
  • UKBangor 15:25

    Broxton Gates Mares' Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st4 Conquer Gold 3/12nd1 Cresswell Breeze 9/4F3rd2 Millicent Silver 6/1
    Winning Trainer: N G Richards
    Winning Jockey: Craig Nichol
    Straight Forecast: £10.77
    Tricast: £36.70
  • IREThurles 15:20

    Clonoulty Handicap Hurdle (80-95)
    Results: 1st2 Supreme Steel 7/12nd15 Fire On 50/13rd10 The Grey Guy 10/14th6 Fiddlers Way 16/1
    Winning Trainer: P A Fahy
    Winning Jockey: C M Leonard
    Straight Forecast: €343.59
    Tricast: €3559.65
  • UKKelso 15:15

    Liz Adam Memorial Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st2 Yala Enki 9/42nd3 Seldom Inn 2/1F
    Winning Trainer: Miss V Williams
    Winning Jockey: L Treadwell
    Straight Forecast: £18.08
    Tricast: £79.72
  • UKLingfield 15:10

    Betway Conditions Stakes (Qualifier)
    Results: 1st1 First Mohican 9/22nd4 Isharah 5/2
    Winning Trainer: A King
    Winning Jockey: Hollie Doyle
    Straight Forecast: £15.66
  • UKNewbury 15:00

    EBF & TBA Mares' 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle Finale (Limited Handicap) (Grade 2)
    Results: 1st11 Snow Leopardess 7/1JF2nd2 Copper Kay 7/1JF3rd15 River Arrow 25/14th1 Tara View 9/1
    Winning Trainer: C E Longsdon
    Winning Jockey: Aidan Coleman
    Straight Forecast: £56.08
    Tricast: £1195.57
  • UKStratford 14:55

    Support Your On Course Bookmaker Conditional Jockeys' Selling Handicap Hurdle
    Results: 1st2 Gambol 3/1F2nd7 Mount Shamsan 7/13rd6 New Tarabela 7/1
    Winning Trainer: Ian Williams
    Winning Jockey: Stan Sheppard
    Straight Forecast: £23.75
    Tricast: £133.42
  • UKBangor 14:50

    Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre Wrexham Handicap Hurdle
    Results: 1st2 Atlantic Storm 11/4F2nd1 Road To Rome 5/1
    Winning Trainer: D Skelton
    Winning Jockey: Harry Skelton
    Straight Forecast: £15.86
  • IREThurles 14:45

    Enjoy White Gypsy At Finns Borrisoleigh Hurdle
    Results: 1st1 Open Eagle 7/12nd3 Woods Well 5/2
    Winning Trainer: W P Mullins
    Winning Jockey: R Walsh
    Straight Forecast: €24.93
  • UKKelso 14:40

    Edinburgh Gin Handicap Hurdle
    Results: 1st8 Big River 10/32nd1 Seeyouatmidnight 3/1F3rd4 Eminent Poet 10/1
    Winning Trainer: Miss Lucinda V Russell
    Winning Jockey: Blair Campbell
    Straight Forecast: £7.27
    Tricast: £86.48
  • UKLingfield 14:35

    Betway Sprint Handicap
    Results: 1st6 Termsnconditions 4/12nd7 Sir Harry Collins 7/1
    Winning Trainer: Tim Vaughan
    Winning Jockey: K T ONeill
    Straight Forecast: £32.35
  • UKNewbury 14:25

    Insure With Be Wiser Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st6 Warriors Tale 9/2F2nd3 Gala Ball 7/13rd13 Icing On The Cake 8/1
    Winning Trainer: P F Nicholls
    Winning Jockey: Sean Bowen
    Straight Forecast: £33.52
    Tricast: £244.53
  • UKStratford 14:20

    Bet With Tattersalls Bookmakers Juvenile Maiden Hurdle
    Results: 1st8 Talent To Amuse 11/82nd1 Ronnie Baird 14/1
    Winning Trainer: Miss E C Lavelle
    Winning Jockey: D A Jacob
    Straight Forecast: £18.74
  • UKBangor 14:15

    Deva Racing Syndicates Novices' Hurdle
    Results: 1st2 Some Invitation 10/3
    Winning Trainer: D Skelton
    Winning Jockey: Harry Skelton
    Straight Forecast: £8.20
  • IREThurles 14:10

    Martinstown Opportunity Maiden Hurdle
    Results: 1st17 La Bella Vida 10/32nd12 Tikken Away 13/23rd5 Crazywork De Vassy 14/1
    Winning Trainer: Miss E Doyle
    Winning Jockey: J J Slevin
    Straight Forecast: €27.20
  • UKKelso 14:05

    Belhaven Best Handicap Hurdle
    Results: 1st3 Runswick Royal 2/1JF2nd4 Sleepy Haven 5/1
    Winning Trainer: Mrs A Hamilton
    Winning Jockey: Ryan Day
    Straight Forecast: £11.51
  • UKLingfield 14:00 Maiden Stakes
    Results: 1st4 Glorious Power 10/12nd1 Detachment 11/23rd8 Tristram 20/1
    Winning Trainer: C Hills
    Winning Jockey: David Probert
    Straight Forecast: £61.05
  • UKNewbury 13:50

    Be Wiser Insurance Handicap Chase
    Results: 1st10 Bodega 7/12nd1 Call Me Vic 9/13rd2 Cloudy Too 10/1
    Winning Trainer: Ian Williams
    Winning Jockey: T J OBrien
    Straight Forecast: £33.52
    Tricast: £244.53
  • UKBangor 13:40

    IML Marine Management Ltd 'National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle
    Results: 1st1 Cousin Oscar 1/7F
    Winning Trainer: D McCain Jnr
    Winning Jockey: W T Kennedy
    Straight Forecast: £2.75
  • AUSNewcastle 12:02

    Race 10 Garrards Horse and Hound Two Year Old Pace
    Results: 1st1 Britney Jane 11/132nd5 Miss Segretti 17/103rd3 Shezlikaterror 5/14th7 Hayaku Harry 25/1
  • AUSNewcastle 11:33

    Race 9 Garaty Murnane Insurance Brokers Pace
    Results: 1st8 Thebattlesjusbegun 5/112nd1 Elsie Gem 6/13rd9 Saywhat 50/14th4 Zeros Shout 16/1
  • AUSNewcastle 11:03

    Race 8 Dfk Crosbie Three Year Old Pace
    Results: 1st4 Angel In White 13/102nd3 Chason Majealis 14/13rd8 Swift Bet 19/54th1 Abstract Hanover 21/1
  • AUSNewcastle 10:33

    Race 7 Sky Sports Radio Pace
    Results: 1st11 Rockn Brushgrove 5/42nd7 Bending Spoons 7/23rd1 Papas Advice 7/14th4 My Late Best Mate 50/1
  • AUSToowoomba 10:27

    Race 7 Robertsons transport ratings band 0 - 60 handicap
    Results: 1st5 Kid Cruize 7/12nd1 Novative 29/103rd2 Tune Out 16/54th4 Kikongo 15/2
    Winning Trainer: Norm Hilton
    Winning Jockey: Nozi Tomizawa
  • AUSNewcastle 09:59

    Race 6 Lifestyle Homestead Pace
    Results: 1st8 Expressionist 3/102nd5 Dark Energy 10/13rd4 Lurah 14/14th6 Linyanti 8/1
  • AUSToowoomba 09:52

    Race 6 West tankers class 3 handicap
    Results: 1st1 Rockabella Boy 7/52nd2 Chelsea Star 13/23rd3 Gully Gosh 9/14th7 Flying Seba 17/1
    Winning Trainer: Ben Currie
    Winning Jockey: Corey Bayliss
  • AUSAscot 09:35

    Race 8 J j richards and sons handicap
    Results: 1st11 Universal Moon 6/12nd1 Marchand 9/23rd6 Cuanzo 10/14th8 Star Glitter 8/1
    Winning Trainer: David Harrison
    Winning Jockey: Lee Newman
  • AUSNewcastle 09:34

    Race 5 Hawks Nest Probus Club Claiming Pace
    Results: 1st6 Hezbuyindiamonds 6/12nd3 Our Leo 17/53rd10 Mabrook 13/54th4 Lucia Bromac 16/5
  • AUSToowoomba 09:17

    Race 5 Position partners maiden plate
    Results: 1st3 Hes a Witness 23/172nd10 Skylight 14/13rd1 Artful Song 9/14th2 Havran 11/2
    Winning Trainer: Ben Currie
    Winning Jockey: Ms Sally Sweeney
  • AUSNewcastle 09:06

    Race 4 Woy Woy School For Seniors Pace
    Results: 1st5 Machsaswinger 13/102nd4 Strawberry Courage 9/13rd12 Bull Market 9/24th2 Ball Boy 33/1
  • AUSAscot 09:00

    Race 7 Auto classic bmw handicap
    Results: 1st1 Politics 12/52nd3 Bergio 9/23rd9 By Decree 18/14th4 Cappo Doro 3/1
    Winning Trainer: Brent Albuino
    Winning Jockey: Patrick Carbery
  • AUSToowoomba 08:42

    Race 4 Komatsu qtis three-years-old maiden handicap
    Results: 1st3 Dream of Ascot 2/52nd4 Hot Talk 9/23rd11 Echoing 30/14th5 Bred for Luck 10/1
    Winning Trainer: Kevin Kemp
    Winning Jockey: Baylee Nothdurft
  • AUSNewcastle 08:33

    Race 3 C1 Only Pace
    Results: 1st11 Borninastorm 19/52nd3 Apollo Thirteen 7/103rd4 Dreaming Big 18/14th1 Nicks Legacy 7/1
  • AUSAscot 08:25

    Race 6 Melvista stakes
    Results: 1st3 Gatting 4/12nd2 Final Salute 12/53rd9 Taxagano 33/14th5 At the Ready 9/2
    Winning Trainer: Darren Mcauliffe
    Winning Jockey: Matthieu Autier
  • AUSToowoomba 08:05

    Race 3 Swm hire class 2 handicap
    Results: 1st2 Teeroys Tribute 9/22nd7 Revelio 16/13rd3 Ive Got Friends 5/24th9 Tartufo Doro 30/1
    Winning Trainer: Eric Ropiha
    Winning Jockey: Kenji Yoshida
  • AUSNewcastle 08:04

    Race 2 Sky Racing Pace
    Results: 1st6 Den Helder 19/52nd10 Absolution 9/53rd5 Ponderosa Bigz 16/14th3 Blissfull Dixie 13/2
  • AUSDarwin 07:55

    Race 4 Happy birthday lynn jenner 0 - 58 handicap
    Results: 1st4 Douglassed 10/12nd9 Iwauna 34/13rd8 Dancing Boy 11/14th6 Le Dezaley 20/1
    Winning Trainer: Jason Manning
    Winning Jockey: Ms Vanessa Arnott
  • AUSAscot 07:45

    Race 5 Karrakatta plate day next saturday handicap
    Results: 1st10 Max Almighty 16/12nd3 Gigante 9/23rd9 Dueton 100/14th11 Pininci 66/1
    Winning Trainer: Alan Mathews
    Winning Jockey: Patrick Carbery
  • AUSNewcastle 07:27

    Race 1 Seniors Month In March @ Newcastle Paceway Pace
    Results: 1st5 Demolition Dave 25/12nd9 Clarry 11/23rd7 Jumbo Asakei 25/14th4 Secret Jack 4/5
  • AUSToowoomba 07:25

    Race 2 Clein group benchmark 75 handicap
    Results: 1st5 Helarocity 8/52nd8 Roxy Rhythm 9/23rd4 Uno Best 3/14th6 Brave Dazzler 9/1
    Winning Trainer: Lindsay Hatch
  • AUSDarwin 07:18

    Race 3 Ladbrokes trobis maiden plate
    Results: 1st1 Chico Bubbles SP2nd8 Red Valazeel SP3rd6 Be Cool Yolander SP4th4 Woke the Lion SP
    Winning Trainer: Chris Pollard
    Winning Jockey: Ms Melanie Tyndall
  • AUSAscot 07:10

    Race 4 Marjorie charleson classic
    Results: 1st4 Dendee 11/22nd5 Conseated 7/53rd9 Fancy Fox 40/14th1 Let It Slip 11/2
    Winning Trainer: Daniel Morton
    Winning Jockey: Chris Parnham
  • AUSGold Coast 07:00

    Race 8 Pms cup 6th may class 2 handicap
    Results: 1st3 American Diva 5/22nd4 Coomera 13/103rd5 Same Old 7/14th9 Fogoso 9/2
    Winning Trainer: John Smerdon
    Winning Jockey: Jason Taylor
  • AUSToowoomba 06:50

    Race 1 Bk hire class 1 handicap
    Results: 1st2 Atouchmore 7/42nd1 Jim n Andy 17/13rd12 Casino Blue 18/14th13 Silver Screen 40/1
    Winning Trainer: Matt Kropp
    Winning Jockey: Ms Sally Sweeney
  • AUSMornington 06:45

    Race 9 Cleanaway handicap
    Results: 1st11 Sir Mask 17/22nd8 Sahara Chill 33/13rd2 Spreadeagled 13/24th3 Moss n Dale 23/10
    Winning Trainer: Dean Binaisse
    Winning Jockey: Stephen Baster
  • AUSDoomben 06:40

    Race 8 Austack saddlery produce no metro wins handicap
    Results: 1st11 Counter Meal 4/12nd7 Time to Torque 13/23rd13 Jetsonic 9/24th6 Fabs Cowboy 60/1
    Winning Trainer: Paul Butterworth
    Winning Jockey: Adam Sewell
  • AUSAscot 06:35

    Race 3 Fifth leg handicap
    Results: 1st4 Next Generation 9/12nd12 My Grace 14/13rd1 More Aces 21/44th5 Blackline 11/17
    Winning Trainer: Neville Parnham
    Winning Jockey: Chris Parnham
  • AUSDarwin 06:35

    Race 2 Darwin waterfront benchmark 54 handicap
    Results: 1st2 Mavericks 17/52nd3 Macon County 7/53rd9 Still a Lady 20/14th8 Hamish Boy 25/1
    Winning Trainer: Carl Spry
    Winning Jockey: Carl Spry
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 06:30

    Race 9 Efm logistics handicap
    Results: 1st11 Be Like Dad 17/12nd9 Roaring to Win 20/13rd7 Voilier 14/14th1 Handfast 9/2
    Winning Trainer: David Payne
    Winning Jockey: Ms Kathy OHara
  • AUSBenalla 06:26

    Race 8 Comfort inn benalla 0 - 58 handicap
    Results: 1st5 Cheeky Chinchilla 4/12nd12 Bad Obsession 15/23rd1 Arrest the Shadow 4/14th10 Cheap Tycoon 8/1
    Winning Trainer: Russell Osborne
    Winning Jockey: Bradley Vale
  • AUSGold Coast 06:22

    Race 7 Cafo d bar class 4 handicap
    Results: 1st2 Mystical Renegade 12/52nd3 Snapper 18/13rd7 Marlene Adele 13/24th1 Redsson 5/1
    Winning Trainer: David Kelly
    Winning Jockey: Luke Dittman
  • AUSNewcastle 06:14

    Race 8 Xxxx gold cg and e class 2 handicap
    Results: 1st10 Argentina 11/12nd7 Reinforced 19/53rd6 Pedway 19/54th2 Aquatic 11/1
    Winning Trainer: Peter and Paul Snowden
    Winning Jockey: Bobby El-Issa
  • AUSMornington 06:10

    Race 8 Mornington jeep and nissan guineas
    Results: 1st3 Odeon 18/52nd11 Star Patriot 30/13rd13 Red is the Rose 13/54th7 Screamarr 11/1
    Winning Trainer: Mathew Ellerton and Simon Zahra
    Winning Jockey: Jamie Mott
  • AUSDoomben 06:02

    Race 7 Southern sheet and coil open handicap
    Results: 1st9 Beatniks 5/12nd14 Dream Finnish 13/13rd2 Flamboyer 11/54th10 Divine Service 4/1
    Winning Trainer: Steven Odea
    Winning Jockey: Paul Hammersley
  • AUSAscot 05:58

    Race 2 Amelia park handicap
    Results: 1st7 Terror Force 11/12nd5 Settlers Creek 5/13rd2 Infathuated 1/14th9 Watijadoo 15/1
    Winning Trainer: Donna Riordan
    Winning Jockey: William Pike
  • AUSDarwin 05:54

    Race 1 Asian united food service 0 - 64 handicap
    Results: 1st2 Tipsy On Red 23/172nd1 Brimarvi Cugat 5/23rd4 Mighty Tax 4/14th5 Dance the Beat 10/1
    Winning Trainer: Kerry Petrick
    Winning Jockey: Ms Felicia Bergstrand
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 05:50

    Race 8 Ascend sales trophies emancipation stakes
    Results: 1st3 Zanbagh 13/22nd7 Daysee Doom 11/53rd2 Dixie Blossoms 13/54th4 Euro Angel 13/1
    Winning Trainer: John P Thompson
    Winning Jockey: Hugh Bowman
  • AUSBenalla 05:46

    Race 7 Extons earthmoving bm64 handicap
    Results: 1st5 Theodolite 11/52nd6 Old Farm Road 17/103rd3 Carraig Aonair 9/14th7 Wanted Lady 17/2
    Winning Trainer: Anthony Chibnall
    Winning Jockey: Ms Linda Meech
  • AUSGold Coast 05:42

    Race 6 4 hearts brewing class 4 handicap
    Results: 1st9 Planet America 18/52nd5 Coastal Gem 6/43rd2 Bold And Groovy 11/10
    Winning Trainer: Bryan and Daniel Guy
    Winning Jockey: Josh Oliver
  • AUSNewcastle 05:34

    Race 7 Great northern super crisp lager benchmark 60 handicap
    Results: 1st1 Octavian Augustus 11/52nd3 Denzil 11/53rd2 Oklahoma Girl 4/14th5 Chosen Prince 9/1
    Winning Trainer: Chris Waller
    Winning Jockey: Chad Lever
  • AUSMornington 05:30

    Race 7 Ladbrokes mornington cup
    Results: 1st2 Tally 7/12nd10 Vengeur Masque 20/13rd15 Settlers Stone 40/14th3 The Gold Trail 11/10
    Winning Trainer: John OShea
    Winning Jockey: Andrew Mallyon
  • AUSDoomben 05:22

    Race 6 Byrne ford kedron class 6 handicap
    Results: 1st3 Privlaka 2/12nd16 Round Mountain Gal 20/13rd4 Skylimit 13/24th7 Fortini 29/10
    Winning Trainer: Robert Heathcote
    Winning Jockey: Damian Browne
  • AUSAscot 05:18

    Race 1 Tabtouch plate
    Results: 1st4 Time And Truth 12/12nd7 Demons n Dust 25/13rd3 Royal Strata 14/54th5 Countess Natasha 6/1
    Winning Trainer: Paul Jordan
    Winning Jockey: Ryan Hill
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 05:10

    Race 7 Vinery stud stakes
    Results: 1st10 Montoyas Secret 10/12nd5 Nurse Kitchen 17/13rd3 Harlow Gold 6/14th2 Foxplay 14/5
    Winning Trainer: Leon and Troy Corstens
    Winning Jockey: Noel Callow
  • AUSBenalla 05:06

    Race 6 Sportsbet benalla gold cup
    Results: 1st2 Entre Nous 21/102nd3 Our Bottino 5/23rd5 Khutulun 17/54th4 Zahspeed 11/1
    Winning Trainer: Gerald Egan
    Winning Jockey: Daniel Stackhouse
  • AUSGold Coast 05:02

    Race 5 Royal pines qtis three-years-old class 3 plate
    Results: 1st7 Halfeti 12/12nd6 Royal Script 8/13rd3 Balboa Rocks 13/54th1 Excalibrator 23/17
    Winning Trainer: Brett Baker
    Winning Jockey: Nozi Tomizawa
  • AUSNewcastle 04:54

    Race 6 Homestead pork f and class 2 handicap(scaled -1 0kg)
    Results: 1st6 Rosa Carolina 29/102nd8 Tickling 9/13rd9 Tennessee Hussy 17/24th1 Princess Posh 4/1
    Winning Trainer: Kris Lees
    Winning Jockey: Aaron Bullock
  • AUSMornington 04:50

    Race 6 Ladbrokes hareeba stakes
    Results: 1st5 Bassett SP2nd8 Prussian Vixen SP3rd7 Well Sprung SP4th9 Whistle Baby SP
    Winning Trainer: Mick Price
    Winning Jockey: Beau Mertens
  • AUSDoomben 04:40

    Race 5 Novotel brisbane airport class 3 plate
    Results: 1st13 Candika 11/172nd8 Nilette 9/23rd7 Kuznetsova 11/24th3 Heroism 14/1
    Winning Trainer: Steven Odea
    Winning Jockey: Paul Hammersley
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 04:30

    Race 6 The bmw
    Results: 1st8 Jameka 21/102nd6 Humidor 14/53rd2 Exospheric 7/14th3 Who Shot Thebarman 18/1
    Winning Trainer: Ciaron Maher
    Winning Jockey: Hugh Bowman
  • AUSBenalla 04:26

    Race 5 Ryan and cnulty sawmillers bm70 handicap
    Results: 1st3 Castelo 19/102nd7 Red Prince 17/23rd6 Evil Lil 16/54th2 Alamonteel 6/155 Smooth Danish 16/1
    Winning Trainer: Clinton McDonald
    Winning Jockey: Daniel Stackhouse
  • AUSGold Coast 04:22

    Race 4 Kurrawa surf club maiden handicap
    Results: 1st14 Sheza Lily 15/12nd4 Good Catch 2/13rd10 Kitti Ping 12/54th6 Sports Report 12/1
    Winning Trainer: Les Kelly
    Winning Jockey: Ryan Plumb
  • AUSMornington 04:10

    Race 5 Mitavite challenge final
    Results: 1st2 Hokkaido 18/52nd1 Strike Force 16/113rd9 Nova Joe 125/14th6 Backstreet Lover 11/2
    Winning Trainer: Craig Blackshaw
    Winning Jockey: Beau Mertens
  • AUSDoomben 04:00

    Race 4 Mitavite class 6 handicap
    Results: 1st4 Sheiswhatsheis 11/172nd3 Deconstructed 18/53rd7 Neuschwanstein 4/14th13 Bayview Emperor 33/1
    Winning Trainer: Tony Gollan
    Winning Jockey: Ms Alannah Fancourt
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 03:50

    Race 5 Power distribution australia tulloch stakes
    Results: 1st2 Jon Snow 2/12nd1 Prized Icon 4/13rd5 Captain Duffy 15/14th10 Garbhan 15/1
    Winning Trainer: Murray Baker and Andrew Forsman
    Winning Jockey: Damian Lane
  • AUSBenalla 03:46

    Race 4 Dkm builders bm64 handicap
    Results: 1st4 Zandarral 13/52nd1 Al Shameel 2/13rd8 Fiano 9/14th3 Tavernier Blue 17/1
    Winning Trainer: Darren Weir
    Winning Jockey: John Allen
  • AUSGold Coast 03:42

    Race 3 Southport rsl class 1 plate
    Results: 1st4 Infinite Reign 16/52nd1 Creationist 8/13rd8 Mizaru 18/54th2 Elusive Element 4/1
    Winning Trainer: Maryann Brosnan
    Winning Jockey: Daniel Griffin
  • AUSMornington 03:30

    Race 4 Martin collins fibretrack sires
    Results: 1st1 Eshtiraak 21/102nd7 Aberro 16/13rd6 Paseeto 18/14th2 Toga Picta 7/5
    Winning Trainer: David and B Hayes and T Dabernig
    Winning Jockey: Dwayne Dunn
  • AUSDoomben 03:22

    Race 3 The ray white ascot qtis three-years-old handicap
    Results: 1st7 Let Me Say This 19/52nd9 Nordic Show 9/13rd10 Dazzle Em Sid 125/14th1 Perilous Love 14/5
    Winning Trainer: Steven Odea
    Winning Jockey: Paul Hammersley
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 03:15

    Race 4 Rydges parramatta doncaster prelude
    Results: 1st7 Spectroscope 11/52nd9 No Doubt 13/13rd5 Marenostro 9/14th4 Rudy 13/2
    Winning Trainer: John OShea
    Winning Jockey: Corey Brown
  • AUSBenalla 03:11

    Race 3 Specsavers benalla maiden plate
    Results: 1st2 Rock With You 6/52nd6 Maeleena 7/13rd9 Can Get a Witness 100/14th11 Lady of Darkness 9/1
    Winning Trainer: Leon and Troy Corstens
    Winning Jockey: Liam Riordan
  • AUSGold Coast 03:07

    Race 2 Gemelli qtis two-years-old maiden handicap
    Results: 1st5 Keen Instinct 12/12nd13 Sugar Star 30/13rd12 Sally Sells Shells 5/24th4 Holbrook 13/1
    Winning Trainer: Paul Butterworth
    Winning Jockey: Matthew McGillivray
  • AUSNewcastle 02:59

    Race 3 Coca-cola 2yo handicap
    Results: 1st4 Debonairly 11/172nd6 Final Frontier 9/13rd11 Oscar Award 50/14th8 Territorial 7/1
    Winning Trainer: Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott
    Winning Jockey: Koby Jennings
  • AUSMornington 02:55

    Race 3 Progress signs handicap
    Results: 1st9 Snitzelwood 27/102nd1 Angelology 20/13rd3 Lucques 18/14th5 Golden Mane 17/5
    Winning Trainer: David and B Hayes and T Dabernig
    Winning Jockey: Cory Parish
  • AUSDoomben 02:45

    Race 2 Qric equine welfare program open handicap
    Results: 1st6 Caillebotte 18/52nd2 Outraged 3/13rd5 Comacina 18/54th4 Magnatune 27/10
    Winning Trainer: Matthew Dunn
    Winning Jockey: Jeff Lloyd
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 02:35

    Race 3 The daily telegraph neville sellwood stakes
    Results: 1st1 Assign 7/12nd3 Astronomos 19/103rd2 Single Gaze 10/14th4 Classic Uniform 19/5
    Winning Trainer: Robert Hickmott
    Winning Jockey: Ben Melham
  • AUSBenalla 02:31

    Race 2 Techwool trading 3yo maiden plate
    Results: 1st3 Foyle 5/12nd6 Threepeat 13/53rd10 Stratisfree 27/104th9 Kwatile Fame 5/1
    Winning Trainer: Brian and Ashley McKnight
    Winning Jockey: Ms Nikita Beriman
  • AUSGold Coast 02:27

    Race 1 Marios class 1 handicap
    Results: 1st4 Navy Gal 3/12nd5 Its Wanted 13/23rd1 Aqua Vite 29/104th3 Early Opener 17/1
    Winning Trainer: John Morrisey
    Winning Jockey: Shannon Doyle
  • AUSNewcastle 02:19

    Race 2 Joshua caruso foundation maiden handicap
    Results: 1st5 Whispered Secret 11/132nd2 Base Camp 19/13rd4 Capeabeel 9/14th3 Shaolin Kungfu 15/1
    Winning Trainer: James Cummings
    Winning Jockey: Jeff Penza
  • AUSMornington 02:15

    Race 2 No fuss event hire handicap
    Results: 1st2 Sullivan Bay 11/22nd5 Miles of Krishan 3/13rd4 Florelle 15/24th10 Viatrix 19/5
    Winning Trainer: David and B Hayes and T Dabernig
    Winning Jockey: Beau Mertens
  • AUSDoomben 02:07

    Race 1 Kiss and make up aquis farm qtis two-years-old handicap
    Results: 1st14 Hingus Rose 8/12nd1 Acceptile 19/53rd2 Snitz 17/104th3 Wudang Blade 8/1
    Winning Trainer: Stuart Kendrick
    Winning Jockey: Luke Tarrant
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 02:00

    Race 2 E-group security star kingdom stakes
    Results: 1st4 Jungle Edge 2/12nd7 Dal Cielo 11/23rd3 Impending 4/14th8 Kudero 10/1
    Winning Trainer: Mick Bell
    Winning Jockey: Kevin Forrester
  • AUSBenalla 01:56

    Race 1 King of sparks maiden plate
    Results: 1st1 Street Crystal 14/12nd5 Isabeli 1/23rd3 Celestial Jewel 9/24th7 Lots of Dots 6/1
    Winning Trainer: Mark Webb
    Winning Jockey: Arron Lynch
  • AUSNewcastle 01:44

    Race 1 Dfk crosbie class 1 and aiden plate
    Results: 1st9 Almalita 1/22nd7 Power From Within 22/13rd4 Megawatt 9/24th1 As Good As It Gets 10/1
    Winning Trainer: Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott
    Winning Jockey: Ms Rachel King
  • AUSMornington 01:40

    Race 1 Windows warehouse handicap
    Results: 1st5 Schism 2/12nd6 El Sicario 6/13rd8 Gibbon 12/14th4 Capannello 13/5
    Winning Trainer: Ciaron Maher
    Winning Jockey: Beau Mertens
  • AUSRosehill Gardens 01:20

    Race 1 The schweppervescence
    Results: 1st6 The Mission 25/12nd3 Astoria 11/53rd1 Muraahib 11/24th13 Smooth Landing 8/1
    Winning Trainer: Paul Perry
    Winning Jockey: Ben Melham
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